Our Working Field

We have a great expedition


We manage the entire production plans and the menu for the production of a harvesting crop on a given ground with a arranged climate.


we usually apply as Good records | Records of pond | tank sizes | capacities | chemical usage | Filtration equipment, inlets outlets etc.


We also take care of sourcing and production of poultry in accordance with the highest quality standards.


we are adopting most sophisticated policies and higher grade raw-materials in farming with healthy green atmosphere.

About Us

We do have initiative agro projects

Zinnurine Agro Complex is also a large concern of ZINNURINE GROUP. The surrounded area of our complex is 8700000sft. Such as our project is there Plantation, Poultry, and Dairy & Fishery.

We provide sustained managers and employees in order to help our clients becoming modern and efficient farm practioners, thus playing an important development role in our following agro-base arena. This adds to the long-term sustainability of their farming operations. In addition to applying modern farming methods.. So; you can be needed an important feedback transfer in agronomy, logistics, planning and crop treatment among other elements of a complex cycle.